Research Outline

Top Hospital Inventory Software Products in the U.S and Canada


To list the top hospital inventory and/or supply chain management software products primarily in the USA and then Canada (with a special focus on Ontario).

Early Findings


  • Evalus is a software product that provides healthcare organizations with the decision-making capacities and support through tools that make it easier to not only evaluate but also pick the ideal medical technology and interventions in hospitals.
  • While Evalus provides users with a free version and a free trial, the monthly fee starts from $125.00 per user.


  • SpendVu is a value management system software that is created to help healthcare supply chain professionals save and deliver value, whether as requisition or contract implementation.
  • SpendVu provides users with the ability to create an end-to-end system for work intake, sourcing, and value analysis among others.
  • The software also provides a free demo to its users in the first month.