Research Outline

Outbound Sales Outsourcing Companies


To find the top outbound sale outsourcing companies in the US, Phillipines, India, Indonesia and one other country to understand their processes, pipelines, efficiency and KPIs.

Early Findings

  • has a curated list of highly-rated outbound call centers. The top five rated US-based companies are CIENCE Technologies, SalesRoads, EBQuickStart, VSA Inc and Callbox .
  • On the same Clutch list, the top five from India are Go4Customer, Invesis, SalesAladin, A1 Call Center and Salesify.
  • From the Philipines are: AcquireBPO, Callbox, Salesify, Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Inc and Hit Rate Solutions.
  • Indonesia did not have as many hits on Clutch's listings. Almost all the companies from this company did BPO rather than outbound sales.
  • However, a search revealed CallNovo, AsiaTel Outsourcing and Outsource Consultants as operating outbound call centers in Indonesia.
  • Research reveals that China is a key upcoming player in the call center industry, so it's recommend to use them as the last country of focus.
  • Please note that many of these companies are privately-held and/or do not have extensive websites. As such, defined details of things like KPIs, pipelines, efficiencies and more are generally not publicly available. It is possible that through client testimonials or case studies on some outbound call centers, we may be able to gather limited details, but not for all 25 of the requested top companies around the world.