Research Outline

Women Entrepreneurs - Networking Groups and Non-Profits


To understand the existing networking groups and non-profits supporting women entrepreneurs by identifying a list of 20 executive networking groups as well as 20 non-profits or other organizations involved in this setting and providing a description of each organization and its mission, membership requirements and notable members, the most important issues they support, any strategic partners, programs and events they are involved with, and notable media reports as well as identifying upcoming events that support women CEOs. Players such as YPO and C200 should be included.

Early Findings

  • There are numerous networking organizations that are specifically addressed to women.
  • Among these, there is C200, Ellevate, The Next Women, and Crave.
  • In addition, there are also non-profits, foundations, and organizations that support women entrepreneurs through different methods.
  • Some of these include accelerators, while others are foundations started by successful female CEOs who intend to give back to their community.
  • A list of identified networking organizations for women can be found on the tab titled "Executive Groups" in the attached spreadsheet.
  • A second list, comprised of non-profits, foundations, and organizations supporting female entrepreneurship can be found on the tab titled "Non-Profits & Other Organizations" in the attached spreadsheet.

Summary of Findings

  • We used this initial hour of research to assess the availability of the information required. We have been able to provide a list of 20 networking groups and 20 non-profits, foundations, or organizations supporting women entrepreneurs, which can be found in the attached spreadsheet. It is noticed that some of these networking groups are also non-profits. However, we have not included them in both lists to be able to provide a wider number of organizations.
  • While we had time to provide an overview of C200, we did not have time to provide all the required information for this or the remaining organizations presented in both lists. We could provide this information with further hours of research.
  • We also assessed the existence of upcoming events that could be an opportunity for female CEOs. While we did not have time to provide this information, we could do so with further hours of research.