Top Real Estate Brokerage Firms


To find out the top 10 real estate brokerage firms in China and Hong Kong by size.

Early Findings

  • Top property developers in China include Vanke, Greentown China Holdings, and others.
  • Some real estate firms in China may also be related to international real estate firms.
  • Country Garden tops the list of real estate companies with $41.78 billion in sales.
  • Other companies, e.g. Vanke, Evergrande, etc. are also listed in multiple listicles as some of the top real estate firms in China.
  • Country Garden's website can be accessed here.
  • Country Garden can be contacted at

Proposed next steps:

You need to be the project owner to select a next step.
There seems to be an overlap in property developers and real estate brokers in the Chinese (including the Hong Kong market) real estate market. We recommend researching a list of top property developers/real estate agents with their details (website, size, contact person and email). Please specify if you want us to find property developers or specifically real estate brokers/agents. Please also specify if you mean revenue or no. of employees by size of the company.
Alternatively, we can look for top 10 real estate firms in Hong Kong and China (excluding Hong Kong) separately, with the details (website, size, contact person and email).