Research Outline

US Top Smartphone Sales


The goal is to provide the top 10 selling smartphone brand and models for the past 24 months.

Early Findings

Data on the top ten selling smartphones in the United States does not appear to be publicly available. What is decipherable is the top five selling phones in the United States. Data on the sales of the top ten phones globally is widely available, and most datasets only reveal the top three to five US sales. Further, the majority data focuses on all of North America and does not isolate US sales or focuses on the market share of specific brands but not models.

In order to give a comprehensive overview of the market, we have provided as much current and historical data as possible to create an informed decision on the top models sold in the US. Additional information gleaned thereafter is included below.

Top Five Selling Phones in the United States for Q1 of 2020

Top Five Smartphones in the US by Model Share for April 2020

Top Five Smartphones in the US by Model Share for April 2019

Top Selling Smartphones in 2019 for North America

Additional Information Gleaned from the Initial Research

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