Top Snacks Sold in the US


You are interested in the top snack categories in the US, as well as, the top snack brands within these categories.

Early Findings


  • In terms of sales, crisps account for almost 20% of the snack industry.
  • With a market share of 16.6%, tortilla chips are the second most popular snacks in the US.
  • Snack bars account for 15% of the US snack industry.
  • In 2017, salty snacks generated $27.72 billion in sales while candy generated $20.96 billion, and cheese generated $17.3 billion in the US.
  • The 2017 sales value of cookies, crackers, and nuts was $7.36 billion, $6.66 billion, and $6.17 billion respectively.
  • By sub-category, potato chips, tortilla chips, and cheese snacks are the leading salty snacks in the US.


  • Lays has a 59.9% share of the US potato chips industry. Its sales in 2017 was $2.18 billion.
  • Ruffles is the second leading salty snack brad in the US. Its 2017 sales was $870 million. Pringles, on the other hand, has a 10.91% share of the US potato chips industry.
  • With a 72.7% market share, Doritos is the leading tortilla/tosada chips brand.

Proposed Next Steps

While there is an abundance of information on leading snack categories and snack brands in the US, the best-selling snack flavors by these brands might be tricky to locate. Nonetheless, we can proceed by identifying the top 2 brands by sales in the crisps, tortilla chips, snack bars, cheese, and cookies categories since these are the leading snack foods in the US. For each brand, we can identify its best-selling product/flavor. The sales generated in each category and by each brand will be provided as well. (6 hours, $150).

Research proposal:

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