Top Student Union Centers


Obtain a list of the top student unions in the U.S.

Early Findings

Top U.S Student Unions

  • The College Rank website published a list of the top student union centers in the U.S. based on several criteria such as: "aesthetic design and architecture, student offerings in campus life, events and traditions, and proximity to campus features."
  • The list includes the following student unions: George Sherman Union, Houston Harte Center, University of Michigan Union, Williard Strait Hall, the Elmo Natali Student Center, the Bronco Student Center, the UC San Diego, and the McCormick Tribune Campus Center.
All the available details of the student unions found have been added to the shared spreadsheet from rows 19 to line 26.

Proposed next steps:

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We propose to continue with the research to provide an additional 25 of the top student unions in the U.S. to complete the requested 50. For each student union found, we will provide the name of the university where it is affiliated, the name of the student union, and their contact number or any contact information. We will input the information in the shared spreadsheet mentioned in the section above.
We also recommend undertaking additional research to provide additional details on the 12 of the top student unions identified. For each student union, we will provide the name, background of the student union, what the union can offer to the students, 2-3 initiatives or projects, and its value proposition.