AT&T Foundation


To find information on the AT&T Foundation. Information to be presented will include details on all of their programs, partners i.e. NGO and other corporates, integration with various AT&T business units, employee engagement aspects, funding sources, impact reporting, and media scan.

Early Findings

AT&T Foundation

AT&T Aspire

Proposed next steps:

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We recommend additional research to provide more information on the AT&T Foundation's: 1. Philanthropic programs, 2. Partners i.e. NGOs and corporates, 3. Integration with various AT&T business units, and 4. Employee engagement aspects.
We also recommend additional research to: 1. Identify the Foundation's funding sources, 2. Find information on the Foundation's impact reporting, and 3. Perform a media scan so as to analyze how the media is covering the AT&T Foundation's work.