Research Outline

TAM For Online Research Sans Markets and Patents


To determine the total addressable market (TAM) for online research, excluding market/competitive research and patent research, to provide case studies of successful online research companies, and to provide any additional insights about the online research industry.

Early Findings

  • We find no instances of online research companies which explicitly do not do market, competitive, or patent research; in fact, market research seems to be an ubiquitous selling point and lists of top research companies seemingly always refer to them as "marketing research companies."
  • The market research segment is fairly robust and diversified, with the top 25 companies having $22.5 billion of the whole industry's $47.3 billion in annual revenues.
  • Our initial research did not locate a market report for online research as an industry, nor any estimates of its size apart from market research; we therefore infer that non-market research has a very small TAM, comparatively speaking. However, that is not to say that it is non-existent.
  • There are several articles written by work-from-home online researchers (many of which mention Wonder) which acknowledge it as a good side-hustle that can potentially turn into a steady main source of income.
  • Within individual companies, not all research is market-related; IT-Boss Research, for example, offers court research for their clients.
  • However, these non-market / patent research companies tend to sell themselves on securing researchers with specialized knowledge of a given industry.
  • Those who speak of making a career out of doing online research often freelance as individuals rather than launching new companies.