Research Proposal

Toilet Paper: Market Overview


To identify the total at-home toilet paper market size, top 10 manufacturers by sales, and the percentage of the toilet paper market made from 100% recycled fibers in USA, Australia, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, and Sweden.

Early Findings

  • According to Pymts, the total toilet paper market in the US is valued at $31 billion.
  • An article from the Guardian states that an average 4-person household consumes 100lb of toilet paper a year (45.4 kg).
  • Statista shows that there are 128.58 million households in the US, and that the average number of people per household is 2.5. Statista has also reported that the price per kg of toilet paper in the US is $3.72 in 2020.
  • Based on the above information, we can estimate the value of toilet paper consumption in US households as: $3.72*45.4*128.58 million*2.5/4=$13.57 billion.
  • An alternative calculation can be done using the total US market size of $31 billion. Since the at-home segment comprises of 50% of the total North American toilet paper market, the US at-home market size can be calculated as: 31 billion*50%=$15.5 billion.
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