Research Outline

Gig Economy Size


To find the proportion of the generation Y students in Europe, India and the US aiming to work in the gig economy. Also to find the number of people considering vocational training or upskilling.

Early Findings

Number of University Students in Europe

The Freelance Job Market

  • In the US, Mexico, and India, a large proportion of the economy is based on freelancers.
  • There are 57 million freelancers in the US contributing 1.3 trillion dollars to the economy or 6.7% of GDP and representing around 30-40% of the total workforce, 14 million in Mexico representing 22.7% of GDP, and 20 million in India expected to represent a market of 20 to 30 trillion rupees by 2025.
  • In Mexico, 42% of these freelancers are women by 21 and 30 years old and a third are men of the same age group.
  • Freelance gigs are growing faster in the economy than traditional full-time jobs, and are only projected to keep growing.
  • The number of US freelancers is expected to grow from 57 million 2017 to 90 million in 2028.

Students and Freelance

  • Universities in the US are starting to prepare their students to be ready to work in the gig economy.
  • A survey by Monster found that 41% of college grads plan to find a gig job until they land something full time and permanent.