Research Outline

Tourist Attraction Innovations


To specific research twelve areas of innovation for Disneyland.

Early Findings


  • Disneyland often uses innovative wayfinding methods to engage visitors. One example is its use of light-up pumpkins during fall, carving icons and arrows into them to not only add to the seasonal decor but also help visitors with directions.
  • There is also a case study available on Disneyland's parking garage. The resort developed a visual theme using popular Disney characters to help visitors remember what area they parked in. Garages and levels are themed, which can increase navigation and ease of use.
  • Some photos of the new parking signs are available here.

Animal Interactions

  • Disneyland does not have many animal interactions, but there are some animals present at the resort. Disneyland gives its draft horses (who pull wagons/carriages) name tags, so visitors can identify the horses by name. There are also dedicated cat feeding stations for the feral cats the resort happily keeps around to combat any rodent problems. The only organized interaction was via the Big Thunder Ranch petting zoo, which is now closed.
  • One visitor quote is, "But this isn't to say that Disneyland doesn't have its own mini Animal Kingdom with assorted creatures that, for me anyway, add so much to the Disneyland experience. It all starts out on Main Street with the horse drawn street cars that move people from the park entrance to the castle and back again in grand Disney style."
  • There are also blogs discussing, with positivity, Disneyland's feral cats. Someone has even set up an unofficial Twitter account dedicated to sightings and 'funny thoughts'.

Exhibit Interactions

  • One innovative example of exhibit interactions at Disneyland is its new Star Wars: Galaxy Edge area, which only opened last year. While it contains the traditional life-style models, rides and dressed-up characters, it also partners with the Disney Parks app to have users solve digital puzzles that unlock physical reactions within the exhibit.
  • Visitors can use the app to interact with droids, translate signs, "see" inside crates and compete with other visitors in real life after determining if one is a 'member' of the Resistance or the First Order. One blogger says, "So when you plan your visit to Batuu, do yourself a favor and download the free app because it's full of so many fun activities and Easter eggs, you'd miss so much without it."