Research Outline

Dog Breed Identification


To identify the specific breed of a South Korean dog that is notably popular on social media. Also to find breeders for this breed of dog in the United States, particularly in California.

Early Findings

  • When translated to English, the first line of the YouTube channel’s description reads out as ‘Mix Dog Coke's YouTube Channel’
  • It is also to note that the e-mail ID of the creator of the YouTube channel is ‘’, and the e-mail address is based out of South Korea.
  • The translated version of a Korean article, published in, says the following about Cola or Coke: “Many people who have seen Coke ask what kind of paper it is. Coke is the only mix dog in the world.”
  • The article, which has a picture of Cola or Coke as well, also says that Coke is often “confused with a doll” and the is nicknamed 'Eom Geun Jin'.
  • Our initial research could find examples of several unique Korean dog breeds, such as Dosa Gae (Korean Mastiff), Korean Jindo, Sapsali, Nureongi, Pungsan, Donggyeongi, and Jeju.
  • However, in terms of physical appearance, no breed other than the Sapsali, had any similarity with Cola or Coke.