Trade Finance and Programmable Money


To gain understanding of programmable money trends, particularly in relation to international trade finance to inform company marketing and positioning.

Early Findings

Future of Programmable Money

  • 92% of money in the world is electronic rather than cash.
  • Banks from across the globe, such as the Association of German Banks and China's CBDC, are using DLT blockchains to utilize programmable money in major transactions.
  • Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is used to transfer physical assets to digital tokens, which can be used for a variety of goods and services across countries. This technology opens the door to connect a digital token system to the current Global Trade Item Number system.
  • Using programmable money allows for the expansion of smart contracts in cross-border deals.
  • Programmable money, such as tokens, could be used for nearly anything, from electricity to fact-checking, provided anti-fraud and general security programs are in place.

Future of Trade Finance

  • Trade finance technology allows trade deals to incorporate details specific to the companies and products involved.
  • Trade finance technology can assist in compliance checking while maintaining efficiency and keeping costs lower.

Proprietary Research

We found some proprietary research from one of our data partners, which may be helpful:
  • Global Trade Finance Market 2019-2023 (TechNavio, $2500)

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