Training Designs & Techniques: Adults


To obtain case studies and best practices in training designs and techniques that create the best learning experience for adults. To determine which techniques are ideal/effective to be used by consultants and coaches for clients.

Early Findings


  • Despite all the different technological advancements, training and coaching sessions still rely on traditional methods.
  • These innovative methods are implemented in either instructor-led or interactive sessions.

Instructor-Led Sessions


  • This method is effective in presenting bulky information to a small or large team of trainees.
  • The face-to-face interaction makes the experience personal and more authentic.
  • This method can be cost-effective if handled in-house.
  • It is efficient in ensuring that everyone gets all the information they need at the same time.
  • Great storytellers have the ability to capture people's attention and drive a point home.


Interactive Sessions

Hands-On Training

  • This technique focuses on experiential training.
  • Examples in this category include cross-training, coaching, apprenticeship, drills, among others.

Computer-Based Training


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