Travel Industry


To understand what is happening in the travel industry, the key players and how they are engaging with customers.

Early Findings

  • As no geographic region was specified, we examined global travel trends.
  • Some current trends in the travel industry at the moment are the rise in solo travel, ecotourism, local experiences, robots/chatbots/automation, blending business and leisure travel, AI, IoT, VR/AR, healthy/organic food and the customer experience.
  • Some ways key players are following these trends are Lufthansa allowing customers to track their baggage online, hotel rooms with smart controls, Airbnb's Experiences section and face recognition at airport security.
  • The travel industry is extremely large with key players generally dominating in their segments. The industry generally segments into hospitality, restaurants, ground transportation, cruises and airlines.
  • The industry is extremely geographically-oriented and fragmented, meaning there are few (if any) global dominant players across the whole industry.
  • The pinpoint just the US, some key players emerge of Walt Disney Group, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Marriott and Hilton.
  • Some key marketing trends in the travel industry right now are mobile marketing, personalization, video, "moment" marketing, dynamic content in emails, booking retargeting, investing in millennials, voice search, earned media and contests/giveaways.


  • We found some proprietary research from one of our data partners which may be helpful:
  • Voice of the Industry: Travel (Euromonitor, $1,325)
  • Travel & Tourism Global Industry Guide (MarketLine, $1,495)
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