Research Outline

Emerging Online Travel Firms


Identify 3 emerging and high level travel firms online with membership business models, excluding large billion dollar firms or corporations, and provide information on their business models, funding, and other qualitative points of interest.

Early Findings


  • London based travel subscription startup BeRightBack or "BRB" calls itself a 'new way to travel' and offers annual subscriptions that offer a surprise trip to a European location three times per year.
  • The service starts at a $63 subscription rate, and books flights and hotels to one of 60 destinations based on a customer's selected preferences.
  • The service currently has over 13,000 subscribers.
  • The company was launched through startup accelerator Founders Factory, and has received £650K funding.
  • The startup partners with mid-grade hotels and airlines to generate revenue.
  • The company has been featured in the media, being called the 'Netflix of Travel' by the Telegraph and featured on CNBC.



  • Finalprice is another emergent subscription travel booking app.
  • The platform charges $99 per year to arrange bookings that offer the best rates on hotels and flights.
  • The company has already raised $4 million, from Almaz Capital, Sistema VC and several other private investors.
  • The startup differentiates itself through its claims that its AI based system will offer the best prices and align with a person's personal preferences and travel history.