Research Outline

The Travel Security Market


Prepare a spreadsheet with the 15-20 of the largest and smallest players in the duty of care market in the US and Europe. For each player, determine their areas of activity within the market, product/service offerings, and a list of some of their customers.

Early Findings

We were unable to determine any information on the "duty of care" market. However, we were able to find insights into the corporate travel security market. This includes duty of care obligations.
  • Key players in the global corporate travel security market include International SOS, Control Risks Group Holdings Ltd, GardaWorld Corporation, Europ Assistance, Global Rescue, Global Guardian, MAX-Security, and CEGA Group. It is assumed that since these are key players, they are all large players.
  • Information on International SOS has been entered into the project spreadsheet.
  • No information on the smallest players in this market was found.