Travel Trends Post COVID-19


To identify insights regarding the measures and timelines adopted by states in the US towards reopening their jurisdiction for travel/tourism; to determine if there has been an uptick in new coronavirus cases since the Memorial Day celebrations, and to identify general travel trends and those surrounding road trips.

Early Findings

Travel Trends

Some travels trends post COVID-19 which are frequently mentioned are:
  • Domestic travel will increase. This trend will be driven by the prohibitions on international travel and the feeling of not being safe or secure when traveling by air. A recent Travel Sentiment study showed that 21% of Americans changed their travel destination to one they drive to instead of fly to and 11% changed their trip from an international to a domestic destination (84% either canceled or reduced their travel plans).
  • The need for distancing will increase. Due to COVID-19, there is a fear of being in proximity to others and feel the need to avoid crowded spaces. "Museums, festivals, shows, bars and nightclubs will predictably be affected by this new reality." More than 50% of Americans find visiting a museum aquarium or other indoor activity unsafe or somewhat unsafe, while approximately 65% find attending a performance (music show, theater, movie) unsafe or somewhat unsafe.
  • As a result, tourists want to visit wide-open spaces. They are expected to visit "outdoor and off-the-beaten-path adventures, with nature and wildlife prevailing over big-city attractions in the months ahead." Some of the most likely trip destinations in open air tourists want to visit are beach destinations or resorts (30.7%); small towns, villages or rural destinations(21.4%); National Parks (18.7%); state, local or regional parks (17.5%); mountain destinations or resorts (16.3%).
  • Given the above, road trips are expected to be more common in the future as it is cheaper and gives a greater sense of security (as opposed to air travel). 15.9% of Americans plan to take a road trip in June and 16% in July, however, these numbers decline in 2021 and 2022 where air trips are expected to increase. However, currently after spending time with family and friends (42.6%), taking a road trip(35%) is regarded as the most relaxing travel experience.

Travel Restrictions Per State

Summary of Findings

  • During the initial hour of research, we searched for travel trends post COVID-19.
  • We were able to find general travel trends but were unable to find specific recent road trip trends as most articles focused on how travel would be changing as a result of the need to feel safe and travel restrictions.
  • We also found information on which activities states have currently opened that are travel related.

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