Research Proposal

Sustainable Wellness and Fitness Programs


To establish practical health plans where people are guided on the ideal workouts, meal plans, and overall, a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Early Findings

Intuitive Eating

  • Eating patterns have always raised controversy for those that wish to regulate their weight or keep fit. Intuitive eating is a sustainable health program that more wellness and fitness brands are adopting. In this case, people are encouraged to eat intuitively, as opposed to counting calories or following a stringent unsustainable cleanse.
  • What makes intuitive eating sustainable is because it applies basic techniques that are easy to follow through as it becomes easier to focus on the quality of food and learning how different foods can affect one’s mood.
  • Fit Pregnancy

  • Pregnant women are encouraged to exercise and eat healthy in the course of their pregnancy. However, it becomes hard to follow through as there are hardly any workouts for pregnant women.
  • More wellness and fitness brands are structuring prenatal-specific workouts that are safe and sustainable for pregnant women.
  • Fit pregnancy workouts guide pregnant women to prepare them for childbirth, as well as ease challenges synonymous with labor and delivery. Also, pregnant women are required to get a doctor’s approval before getting on the program.
  • Ayurveda Gains

  • More wellness and fitness brands are going back to ancient eastern traditions such as Ayurveda, an ancient system that originates from India.
  • Ayurveda is easy and sustainable as it helps people gain and maintain mainstream momentum. As an integrated health plan, Ayurveda aims to help people nourish and health themselves from inside out.

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