Developers Construction Materials Challenges


To understand the priorities and challenges of building developers and/or owners when it comes to construction, and specifically in the sourcing of materials. This would include understanding what trends, issues and disruptions building owners/developers are concerned about when sourcing construction materials, especially steel. This information will be used to rebrand a steel pipe and tube company.

Early Findings

Owners/Developers Concerns about Sourcing Construction Materials

1) Materials Cost Increase
  • The threat from the Trump administration of imposing import tariffs on construction materials has had a strong impact on the price of lumber, steel and aluminum products.
  • As a result of this threat to impose tariffs on lumber from Canada and steel from China, American manufacturers of building materials have reacted by raising prices.
  • However, other drivers such as natural disasters and a rise in construction activity have also contributed to the increase in construction materials costs.
  • In 2018, the cost of construction materials has increased by 10% compared to 2017.
  • The price of iron and steel has gone up by 14% during the same period and the price of softwood lumber by 23%.
  • The main issue for developers in 2018 according to a survey from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) was the rise in construction materials prices.
2) Materials Cost Volatility
  • Aside from a rise in materials costs, another issue for developers is the current volatility in the price of construction materials.
  • U.S. government policies such as sanctions on oil producing countries and tariffs on steel and lumber producers are continuously affecting the industry,
  • This situation is making it harder for housing developers to budget and plan for materials prices.
3) Risks related to Weather and Climate
  • Due to increased weather and climate conditions, developers had to source different materials to harden their buildings, build sea walls and berms, as well as on-site renewables and battery storage infrastructures.

    Focus on Sourcing Steel

  • Given the issue with tariffs targeting steel from China and the threat of 25% price rises, some developers rushed to source all their steel prior to the implementation of the tariffs in 2018.
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