Trends, Trends, Trends


  • To identify and understand trends in the following industries: health & beauty, food & beverage, automotive, and apparell to provide information which will be used while creating prospecting materials.

Early Findings

Health & Beauty
  • One trend in health and beauty is the merging of the two related industries. Once upon a time, consumers purchased health products to help them feel better and beauty products to help them look and smell good. Times are changing, and today, many consumers no longer want to purchase separate products if they don't have to. They want beauty products that make them look good and feel good. A growing number of consumers want beauty products made from holistically, from wholesome, natural products and they want that approach used in marketing as well.
  • This trend has caused big changes in the Active Beauty/Athleisure sub-industry. Fitness studios and brands are partnering with and incorporating beauty into their scope and business models. For example, ClassPass, a brand primarily focused on fitness, now promotes "cryotherapy, massages, facials and infrared saunas on its list of affiliated services." Beauty brands, including MAC and Clinique, have also added sweat-resistant athleisure makeup to their offerings.

Food & Beverage
  • One trend in the food and beverage industry is the increased use of plant proteins in food. "Plant-based faux meats, soups, and even roasted vegetable constructions" are growing in popularity as consumers look for tasty dishes that are both healthy and environmentally-friendly. Burger King introduced plant-based "meat" to consumers when it launched the Impossible Whopper. Seeing how this trend is developing, large animal-protein companies like Cargill are exploring plant-protein options as they consider entering the space. Plant-protein use in food isn't limited to meat, however as plant-based "nutritional beverages, snacks, frozen breakfast items, frozen meals, and dairy items" are currently being developed and introduced to the market.

Summary Of Our Early Findings Relevant To The Goals
  • Our first hour of research provided one trend in the health and beauty industry and one trend in the food and beverage industry. We did not have time in our first hour to find additional trends.
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