Research Outline

Technology Trends and the Impact of COVID-19


To find trends in technology and how COVID-19 has impacted them. The ideal response uncovers expectations a company should have based on the trends, how they may have shifted in the wake of COVID-19, and the appropriate position for a wireless company to fall.

Early Findings

COVID-19 has shaped many technological trends that had been observed before the crisis became a global burden. However, the pandemic has not halted innovation; instead, it is augmenting it to historic levels. Some notable trends in technology in the wake of COVID-19 include The I in Experience and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Me.

The I in Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Me

Summary of Findings

  • The first hour of research confirms that there is a sea of information on technological trends and COVID-19. Continued research will likely uncover more details, including analyses to find the position of a wireless company in the prevailing trend.
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