Trucking Software Industry


The key industry trends in trucking/transportation software & in small-to-mid size trucking operations , specifically as it relates to TruckWin, as well as, a competitive assessment of trucking accounting & dispatch software platforms.

Early Findings


  • Artificial intelligence, business process automation, predictive analytics, blockchain, cybersecurity, and machine learning are said to be some of the technologies transforming the trucking industry.
  • AI and machine learning can supposedly be applied to pricing decisions and "putting the right truck on the right load in less time" in the trucking industry."
  • Machine learning, on the other hand, can help with "pricing decisions not only on longer-term basis such as rate and bid requests for contract freight, but also on the individual load level in the spot freight market."

  • Trucking companies like Lightning Systems are now partnering with software management companies in the trucking industry.
  • Recently, Lightning Systems "cultivated partnerships with software and energy management companies like The Mobility House, a full-service charging management company, which offers in-depth planning, installation, and management services."
  • TREND 3: ELD

  • A lot of small-to-mid size trucking companies in the US are upgrading to electronic lagging devices "that track how long they’re on the road, data from drivers who’ve made the switch appears to indicate that the controversial systems are working as intended to make trucking safer."
  • ELD was put in place by authorities. Trucking companies and independent truckers "operating Class 8 commercial vehicles" are expected to use it.
  • This solution allows the US Department of Transportation to monitor trucking companies and ensure that they comply with "existing driver hours-of-service rules."
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