Demand for Online Higher Education in Rwanda


To find information on the demand for online higher education in Rwanda.

Early Findings

Rwanda Education Statistics

  • Rwanda's education curriculum operates on the 6-3-3-4 system i.e. 6 years for primary school, 3 years for ordinary level (junior secondary school), 3 years for advanced level (senior secondary school) and 4 years for university bachelor’s degree.
  • In 2019, a total of 171,123 students sat the 2019 national examinations in Rwanda for Ordinary and Advanced levels of secondary schools.
  • According to the Visit Rwanda Guide website, each year, around 44,000 students are enrolled in higher education for undergraduate, graduate, certificate, and diploma programs.

University of Global Health Equity

Proposed next steps:

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Preliminary research pointed to the availability of information that can be useful to research. Consequently, we recommend research to find insights on the demand for higher education in Rwanda. Here, we will provide the following information: whether there is a lack of university seats and the number of high school graduates that qualify for university versus the number of available seats in both the private and public universities.
We also recommend research to find information on what the situation of IT is in Rwandan universities i.e. whether the universities offer an online higher education option.
We recommend research to find information on what the University of Southern New Hampshire is doing in Rwanda in its partnership with Kepler and the entities that are funding them. We also recommend presenting/adding to the findings of the University of Global Health Equity that have been highlighted above for clarity and continuity.