Compliance US Businesses


Provide statistic on the effect of compliance-related issues on businesses in the US

Early Findings

  • 29% of businesses report regularly assessing compliance proficiency and skills of their staff.
  • Of all CCOs, 36% don't feel their business managers take ownership of compliance agendas.
  • The majority of organizations (94%) have compliance requirements embedded within their policies as well as code of conduct, and have compliance procedures accessible to all employees.
  • 30% of professionals focused on compliance don't actually measure the effectiveness of their compliance programs.
  • Risk and compliance is ranked as one of the top risk categories 57% of executives feel unprepared to address.
  • 62% of organizations surveyed experienced a critical risk related to compliance in the past three years.
  • 6% of directors feel the board of their organization is effective at risk management.
  • 36% of businesses have a formal risk management program.

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