Connecticut Commuting Comparisons


To encourage living and working in Connecticut by proving that Connecticut cities (e.g., Hartford, New Haven, Stamford, and Norwalk), when compared with New York City and Boston, have shorter and better commutes. “Better” might be described as more relaxed, more scenic, more options/amenities, less expensive, etc.

Early Findings

Connecticut Cities

  • On average, commuters in Connecticut spend from 24.8 to 26 minutes for in-state travel to work. This is a bit shorter than the US average which is 26.4 minutes.
  • Men in Connecticut average 28 minutes commuting to work and are more likely to use public transportation, while women in Connecticut tend to average 24 minutes.
  • Only 4.5% of Hartford County commuters spend n hour or more commuting to work; the number is higher for New Haven County residents (7.2%).


  • The average commute time in Boston is 30.6 minutes with 57.6 hours in congestion each year.
  • Boston commuting times via car (40 minutes) and public transit (49 minutes) are among the longest in the United States. Boston is also tied with New York for being the second-worst city for commuting via car.

New York City

  • For workers living in New York City, the average one-way commute is almost 36 minutes with 89.4 hours spent each year in traffic congestion.
  • New York City has the fourth largest share of supercommuters in the United States (617,000 people). Supercommuters are people that spend more than 90 minutes traveling each way to and from work.

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Proposed next steps:

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The team can continue the research by providing 5-7 insights about the commute in Connecticut’s major cities like Hartford, New Haven, Stamford, and Norwalk. For each insight, the team will seek to compare the commuting elements with similar items in Boston and/or New York City. The insights gathered will seek to prove that commuting in Connecticut is better.
The team is also able to assist the research by reviewing 2-3 trends related to commuting in Connecticut. Each trend will be described, analyzed regarding why it is a trend, and provide any available metrics or examples associated with the trend.
The team can also develop 6-8 insights or examples about negative/horrible commuting aspects experienced by the people that live and work in New York City and Boston.