Research Outline

ECommerce Platforms


To determine the size of each of the major ecommerce platforms in terms of the number brands they have and the total annual sales of each platform.

Early Findings

Top eCommerce Sites

  • The following are some of the top eCommerce sites:, BigCommerce, Squarespace, Volusion, Shopify, Wordpress, and WooCommerce.

  • Wix has about 1.5 million registered users, 4.5 million subscribers who pay a fee,
  • The conversion rate from registered users to subscribers between quarters stands at 29%.
  • Wix's revenue stands at $761-$765 million as of 2019.


  • This platform targets SMB and mid-market companies.
  • It was founded in 2009.


Summary of our Early Findings

  • Our initial findings were able to identify the top 7 ecommerce sites. Our initial one-hour research focused on ensuring that we can gather all the necessary information and provide the details in the attached spreadsheet here.