Research Outline

Competitive Analysis--Lately


To provide a competitive analysis of the AI company Lately, including information on features, overlap with Lately and costs/pricing of its competitors.

Early Findings

Overview of Lately and Its Competitors

  • Lately's CEO Kate Bradley Chernis describes the company as "an artificial intelligence powered social media tool that automatically turns blogs, videos, and podcasts into dozens of amazing social posts."
  • According to Chernis, Lately falls in the industry known as "marketing resource management, where there are only a handful of players, all starting at $20,000-$200,000, requiring weeks of set up and an IT team." She argues that one thing that makes Lately different from its competitor is the fact that its pricing starts at as low as $50 a month and the program can be up running within minutes.
  • Lately's features include campaign management, editorial calendar, publishing scheduling, social media management, brand management, categorization/grouping, distribution management, multi-channel publishing, SEO management.
  • Some of Lately's competitors include Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sprout Social, Eclincher, Loomly, Falcon, and HubSpot. A list of its competitors identified by online marketplace vendor Capterra may be found here and another list of 50 competitors may found here.
  • One example of its competitors Sprout Social sets a starting price at $99 per month, compared to $50 a month by Lately (see above), and up to $249 a month for enterprise users.
  • Features of Sprout Social include content management system, social media integration, analytics, social media monitoring, automated publishing, customer engagement, and multi-account management. Compared with Lately, some of the overlapping features are in automated or scheduled publishing, social media integration and monitoring. While Sprout Social offers analytics, Lately offers SEO (search engine optimization) management.


The one-hour initial research has provided a brief overview of Lately and identified a number of its competitor. The initial findings also has also provided information--including on costs, features and overlap--of one of its competitor Sprout Social. We can select a number of other competitors, based on size, to provide more detailed competitive analysis. We also would like to clarify one part of the question regarding costs--we assume that this refers to the pricing of the products. If this is not correct, please let us know and we will adjust that in the final report.