Research Proposal

Redbox TV


To provide Redbox TV's growth over the past year, including its monthly active users, hours streamed, and other important Key Performance Indicators.

Early Findings

  • During this research, we found that Redbox only joined the AVOD market in February 2020. Having been around for just two months, we could not provide information on the TV for the past year. Redbox has also not announced any key performance indicator since its inception. This is likely because the service is still too young for such. Below, we have included some useful findings.

About Redbox TV

  • Redbox in February 2020 launched a "free, live TV streaming service as a new feature on the Redbox website." The TV offers less than 30 channels " showing a live stream of curated content." Of these channels, only three are exclusive to Redbox, they are Redbox Rush, Redbox Comedy, and Redbox Spotlight.
  • Critics argue that Redbox TV is far from being a finished product, as it is only "basic" and currently cannot compete with other TVs in the market. Its Free Live TV feature is available through "desktop and the Redbox mobile app." It is believed that Redbox, although free, "does not have much to offer."
  • Redbox TV is not the company's first in the online video venture. They released Redbox Instant in 2014 to compete directly with Netflix, the venture closed soon after in the same year. Before joining the AVOD market, Redbox was a movie rental service with 41,000 rental kiosks worldwide.
  • Some of Redbox's content partners include USA Today and TMZ. The TV lacks certain features like being able to choose what plays next and to "see what movies or shows are coming up next." This makes it very similar to traditional TV.
  • Redbox TV is currently available to a "select audience," however, they intend to expand all over the US by the end of the year and will "eventually be available on the likes of Roku and Apple TV."
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