Research Outline

TV Commercials Featuring Movie Clips


To get more examples of brands that used actual movie clips in their advertising campaigns.

Early Findings

Our background research about the topic unveiled the following information:

Discover Card Commercial

  • Back in 2012, Discover Card curated an advert about offering 5% cashback on movie tickets. This advert included movie clips from several movies like Shrek and Jaws. The advert can be found here.

John Lewis' Christmas Advert

  • UK department store John Lewis launched a penguin-themed advertisement for the 2014 Christmas, and the advert included a few seconds from the famous movie Pingu. The advertisement can be seen here.

eBay 2014 Ad

  • eBay also launched an advertising campaign on its website, which featured movie clips from Godzilla and Wizard of Oz. The advert can be found here.

Australian bank NAB

  • "Australian bank NAB used a range of short clips from Wizard of Oz, Jaws, Looney Tunes, and Gremlins to make this commercial about giving more and taking less." This advert was launched in 2013.