Research Outline

TV Shows - Makers, Problem Solvers, and Innovators


To continue filling in the attached spreadsheet and find additional television shows that deal with makers, problem solvers, and innovators. For each show, provide 1) its name, 2) its network, 3) its country of origin, and 4) a brief 1-2 sentence description. Include as many non-english-speaking programs as possible. Specifically try to find shows in Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, and/or Arabic. In particular, try to find shows that focus on disabilities, the environment, or social impact. Do not include cooking shows or programs about general innovation. DIY, makers, and open-source culture shows are acceptable. Geographic scope is global. In addition, continue filling in the blank spaces in the spreadsheet with the info provided here.

Early Findings

During this hour of research, we were able to find six additional television shows that meet the requested criteria and organized our findings in the attached spreadsheet beginning with row 35. We also filled in a few more of the blank spaces using the information from this spreadsheet.

Additional TV Shows about Makers, Problem Solvers, or Innovators

  • The Vanilla Ice Project
  • Texas Trocas
  • Zuhause im Glück – Unser Einzug in ein neues Leben
  • Dom-2
  • Äntligen hemma
  • Grand Designs