TV Shows for the Disabled


To find reality/building/making shows that deal with people with disabilities.

Early Findings

TV Shows for the Disabled

Summary of Findings

  • During the initial hour of research, we focused on finding TV shows focused on people with disabilities.
  • While we were able to identify 5 shows, these shows are scarce. Most shows on people with disabilities are either reality shows or docuseries that provide insight into their lives and challenges.
  • It appears as if shows for those with disabilities are underrepresented and networks like BBC have now committed to focusing on this underrepresented segment.

Proposed next steps:

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We can provide 12-16 additional television shows that deal with makers, problem solvers, or innovators and include them in the spreadsheet beginning with row 55. For each TV show, we would provide 1) its name, 2) its network, 3) its country of origin, and 4) a brief 1-2 sentence description. We would list our sources in column E. We would focus on TV shows from countries outside of the US and UK.
We can also do research on the representation/underrepresentation of people with disabilities in TV shows. We would provide 5-7 insights that show they are either adequately represented or under-represented in TV shows and what issues the mentally and physically disabled have with the current representation. The geographical focus of the research would be global. Should we need to change this to the US, kindly mention this in the comments when selecting this option?