Research Outline

GenZ/Millennial/Latinx Consumers- Hard Kombucha Seltzers


To design a psychographic for GenZ, Millennial, and LatinX (25-44 years old, if possible) bicultural consumers of hard kombucha seltzer beverages. These psychographics should include social media usage, purchasing habits, product affinities, decision factors when purchasing, values, and general interests.

Early Findings

Results of Initial Research

  • This first hour was spent focusing on analyzing what information was available that pertained to hard kombucha and the three demographics, since the research team knew that general psychographic information for the three groups would be available.
  • While not all the information pertained to kombucha hard seltzers, there was plenty information about kombucha and hard seltzers that would serve for an appropriate proxy. While all efforts will be made to locate information pertaining to kombucha hard seltzers, some expansion is likely to occur that will include kobucha or hard seltzer information.
  • Marketing to these three groups requires different approaches, therefore it will be beneficial to conduct research on the three demographics.
  • While focusing on the LatinX consumer aged 25-44 that drinks hard kombucha seltzers was virtually impossible, there is enough information on the LatinX consumer combined with the Millenial or GenX consumer that a profile can be created by combining the research.

Background Information

  • Kombucha, even with the addition of alcohol, is appealing to Millennial and Gen Z sippers who are more conscious of what they are putting in their bodies.
  • More than 80% of hard kombucha’s sales are still in California.

Millennials & Hard Kombucha

  • The Millennial desire for a sober lifestyle is driving their purchases of hard kombucha. The millennial- and Gen Z-driven trend is seen as part of a burgeoning wellness movement, a desire to have social gatherings less focused on alcohol (and the next mornings less fuzzed by aftereffects), as well a shift toward abstemiousness more generally.
  • Millennials place a greater emphasis on counting calories, physical attractiveness, exercise and physical activity, than other demographics.
  • 79% said family was important in their lives, followed by health and wellness at 53%, friends at 39 %, spirituality at 31%, and career at 27%..

GenZ & Hard Kombucha

  • GenZ also has a desire for a more sober lifestyle, therefore making hard kombucha a good choice.
  • They are focused on "mindful drinking", meaning to drink less, but think more about it.

LatinX & Hard Kombucha

  • The high prevalence of chronic disease, better awareness of these health factors, and changes in lifestyles, like being busier and needing functional beverages has made this demographic more aware of kombucha in general.
  • Anheuser Busch believes that adding their well-known name to their seltzer products has resonated with the Hispanic community and has helped with popularity.
  • While non-Hispanics and Asians view a premium product with craftsmanship, Hispanics view exclusivity as the key attribute of a premium drink. They also correlate an attractive label with a premium product.