Research Outline

Thai Investment


Determine what Thai investors are investing in, what tools, products and services they are using, what their attitudes to investing are, and what their current associations with gold are, including both the emotional as well as functional associations with gold.

Early Findings


  • Top investment types in Thailand include Venture Capital, Private Equity Firm, Corporate Venture Capital, Accelerator, and Incubator investments.
  • High net worth individuals in Thailand have a 55% allocation towards liquid assets (stocks, bonds and funds), which is higher than the global average (47%). The majority of their liquid assets are in onshore products.
  • A breakdown of assets under management in Thailand is as follows: 37% mutual funds, 25% deposits, 22% insurance, 8% provident funds, 8% private funds.
  • Thai investors have been moving away from mutual funds in recent years and "showing greater preferences for a wide range of asset classes to achieve outperformance in a still low interest rate environment."

Attitudes Towards Investment

  • In Thailand, investors take most of their advice from family and friends, followed by their private banker.
  • High net worth individuals in Thailand are looking to generate wealth rather than preserve it, especially for younger investors.

Attitudes Towards Gold

  • Gold in Thailand can be purchased at "more than 7,000 shops throughout the country", online, on mobile app, or even via blockchain.
  • Gold investment is a popular form of saving in Thailand. As of 2015, 63% of those in Thailand invested in gold as a form of saving.
  • Gold was popular as a savings tool because it is easy to trade and is wearable, while drawbacks include that it can be lost or that it is expensive to acquire in the first place.
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