Research Outline

U.S. Manufacturers of Electrolyte Powder


To obtain contact information including a brief description of product, email addresses and websites for manufacturers of electrolyte powder in the U.S. or manufacturers that are able to export to the U.S. with the requisite food safety certifications.

Early Findings

Atlantic Essential Products, Inc.

  • Atlantic Essential Products, Inc. manufactures several types of powder products, one of which is its electrolyte drink mix.
  • They can be emailed at and a quote can be requested from them here, which it says will be provided within 24 - 36 hours.
  • Selven Sam is listed as one of the company's contact person and he can be reached at


  • Hydrant manufactures electrolyte powder which it refers to as the rapid-rehydration formula that provides "up to 3x the electrolytes of a sports drink".
  • The company can be contacted at or through their contact form.


  • Nuun manufactures a hydration solution known as Nuun Endurance. It is an electrolyte powder that is 100% plant-based.
  • General inquiries can be made by emailing or submitting a request via its contact form, international inquiries can be made by emailing and for marketing related inquiries, emails can be sent to