Research Outline

U.S. Sales and Market Sizing


To find or triangulate the 2018 US sales of Kikkoman (soy sauce), Cup Noodles (made by Nissan Foods), Asahi (beer), and Kewpie (mayonnaise).

Early Findings

Asahi Beer

  • In 2018, Asahi earned ¥919.4 billion ($8.44 billion) from domestic (Japan) alcoholic beverages.
  • Its overseas sales garnered ¥713.2 billion ($6.55 billion).
  • Most of Asahi Holding's revenue comes from Europe. From its overseas revenue 65% comes from Europe, 24% comes from Oceania, 6% from South East Asia, 1% from China, and 2% from others. Others would most likely include the US.
  • The revenue from the Other segment is ¥17.3 billion ($158.9 million).
  • The sales composition of Asahi Super Dry for North America is 8%. Sales volume in 2018 was 11.28 million cases (which is equivalent to 20 x 633 ml bottles) of Asahi Super Dry. This is equivalent to 902,400 cases (8% of 11.28 million cases) for North America.
  • According to this site a case of Asahi beer is US$70.71 (Super Dry). This would make the sales in North America approximately US$63.8 million (=902,400 cases x $70.71).
  • The sales amounts were converted according to the conversion rate of US$1 = ¥108.901.

Summary of Findings

  • During the initial hour of research, we sought information on the sale of Asahi beer in the US.
  • While Asahi Group Holding is a publicly traded company and publishes its financial information, it was challenging finding figures on US sales. This is most likely because it does not have a strong presence in the US. The greater part of its overseas revenue comes from Europe and Oceania and detailed information on these markets is available.
  • It was possible to find figures on overseas sales volumes for Asahi Super Dry Beer and calculate the volume for North America, however, no information was available to further break sales down to the US.