U.S. Sports Trends & Discussion


  • Build an analysis of cultural trends and consumer discussions regarding sports in the United States.
  • Identify any trends or consumer discussions about issues/topics/events that do not specifically relate to sports, but can be tied back to the sports industry (i.e. what sports players are doing outside of sports, etc.).
  • The overall goal of each of the above points is to inform and the development of a campaign.

Early Findings

sports-related discussions

  • Trending sports news from Fox Sports include the Griffin twins that play for the Seattle Seahawks, Phil Mickelson losing weight for the Open Championship, and Patrick Mahomes from the Kansas City Chiefs throwing a football out of a stadium.
  • Trending news from ESPN about sports personalities include an article about DE Ayers retiring from the NFL, the Indians continuing to crush the Tigers in the MLB, and Giannis' brother being signed to the Bucks for the NBA.
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non-sports related discussions

  • Fox Sports published an article yesterday, July 16, 2019, about Jaelene Hinkle in the Women's World Cup potentially being a homophone because of an old interview where she stated how she did not want to wear a pro-LGBTQ jersey.
  • On ESPN's website, trending non-sports news include an article about famous athletes, such as Stephen Curry, Lebron James, and Hunter Pence publishing photos with the app "FaceApp" to participate in the #AgeChallenge.

clarifications — please respond to these!

1. Are you interested specifically in broad trends in discussions about sports? Or are you interested in the actual topics that consumers are talking about regarding U.S. sports?

2. Are you interested in what global consumers are saying about U.S. sports? Or just what U.S. consumers are saying about U.S. sports?

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