Research Outline

U.S. Ongoing Compliance In The Startup Industry


Identify United States-based companies that help startups emerge into the market and their company segment (LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, B-Corp), location, revenues, the number of companies served, market share, and locations of companies served. Companies analyzes should include Clerky, Stripe Atlas, and Bench and focus on companies in the ongoing compliance industry including cap table management, bookkeeping, tax filing, and maintenance of the business entity.

Early Findings


  • In our initial search, we searched for the market size of the ongoing compliance industry in order to calculate the market share of each company we will identify later, however, there was no publicly available information in our initial search regarding the specific market segmentation. In addition, we conducted initial research for Clerky as an example of what to expect in our deeper findings. We have provided our initial findings in column C of the C-Corp tab of the attached spreadsheet. In the spreadsheet, we have included one tab per company segment.