Research Proposal

Uinta County Tourism Competitive Analysis


To determine the competition that Uinta County, UT has in terms of tourism, and why tourists might choose another area over Uinta for a client presentation.

Early Findings

  • In order to better understand the competitive landscape for the area, we first looked at Uintah County's website.
  • While looking through the site, it is of note that their "BOOK A GETAWAY BUTTON" does not work.
  • After familiarizing ourselves with the area, we went to Google maps to see what competition might be closest (within 30 miles). This research gave us the areas of Ogden, Clearfield, Syracuse, Morgan, Eden, and Hunstville.
  • From this list, we went to the tourism website for each area to see who offers attractions and amenities that are similar to Uintah. These cities/areas are Ogden, Syracuse City, Thurston Peak/Morgan, Eden/Ogden Valley, and Huntsville. These five areas would be the closest and most similar competitors.
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