Research Outline

UK's Largest Cities


To obtain the following data points on the largest cities in the UK: the average price of a hotel stay for Friday and Saturday night in each city, the average star rating of hotels in that city, the number of restaurants in each city and the average price, the average cost in each city for a pint of beer, the number of free attractions, and their average rating.

Early Findings

The Largest Cities in the UK by Population


  • Information into the restaurant industry is provided by the office of National Statistics. This excel download has been availed in this spreadsheet.
  • The total number of licensed restaurants is 6,510.
  • The total number of public hotels and bars are 2,185.
  • The 4-star hotels have the largest room count at 51,158 followed by 3-star hotels at 20,011, 5-star at 16,797, and 2-star at 11,018.
  • In terms of establishments, 2-star hotels are the most at 370 followed by 4-star at 297, 3-star at 264, and 5-star at 85.
  • The total number of hotels with a 2 to 5-star rating is 1016.
  • Using these values, we can triangulate the average star rating of establishments.
  • We will first multiply each hotel count with its rating and get the total number of stars. We will divide this by the total number of hotels. Using this calculation, we will determine the average star rating. This calculation has been presented in this spreadsheet under the tab, Star Rating Calculation.
  • (Total star count)/(total number of hotels)=average star rating
  • (2*370+3*264+4*297+5*85)/1016=3.095
  • Approximately a 3.1-star rating.

Summary of our Early Findings

  • Our initial research was able to provide insights into one city and provide a list of cities that the next phase of the research can address. This information may be populated in this attached spreadsheet.