UK NHS Clinical Services


The goal is to develop an overview of the market dynamics and a competitive landscape affecting independent sector / private providers of clinical care on behalf of the NHS. Ultimately this will be presented to an audience with little familiarity of the NHS and must take this into account.

Early Findings

General Overview

  • In 2018-2019, the NHS has spent overall $11.5 billion on the independant sector.
  • The Independent Healthcare Providers Network NHS Confederation is "the single representative body for independent sector healthcare providers."
  • The BBC reports that "515,000 non-urgent operations and surgical procedures were carried out by private clinicians for the NHS in 2017, about 6% of the total."
  • In April 2019, "the government have awarded £35 million of privatised contracts in just the last six weeks with a further £127 million out to tender."
  • In 2017, 267 out of the 386 contracts went to private care providers. This is 70% of the contracts in England that year.
  • Private Clinical Services in the UK

    There are many private clinical services that exist in the UK. Some of these are found listed below.

    Annual Reports from NHS

    • The England NHS annual report for 2018/19 does not include any information about who or what private sector companies are receiving funds.
    • The same holds true for the digital NHS annual report for 2018/19. There is no information on independent, or private sector funding or expendatures aside from ambiguous mentions that this is done as a whole, or that revenues are broken down into types, such as dental and other procedures.

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