Research Outline

Retailers' Challenges


To identify the biggest challenges retailers are facing.

Early Findings

Consumers are Choosing Multi-channel Buying Experiences

Attracting Brand Loyalty

  • Brand loyalty is enhanced by a well thought-through consumer experience.
  • Personalization is critical to an outstanding customer experience.
  • Brands need to go beyond general advertising to personalized messaging.

Retail Isn’t Dead; It’s Changing

  • According to a report by Forrester, 54% of B2C brands plan to open brick and mortar stores in within 2019.
  • The in-store experience is still a major revenue driver.
  • Even though online retail is growing, in-store retail is not declining at the same rate. For this reason, retailers should take advantage of this new opportunity and create a seamless customer experience.

In-Store is Disrupted

The Role of the Smartphone In-Store