Research Proposal

Umpqua's Messaging re COVID-19


To determine Umpqua's messaging re COVID-19 and means of communicating such information to their clients to be used to make recommendations to a client.

Early Findings

  • Umpqua is using its blog to communicate with its clients about COVID-19 and has described themselves as being ready to handle challenges, their commitment to support customers throughout their footprint and their availability for queries on various channels including their Go-To app, and telephone contact. They have also included information about their stores that are closed as a result of COVID-19 and their opening hours during this time.
  • The company uses a similar messaging on its website with emphasis of its understanding of customers change in needs since their movements might be crippled during COVID-19. They emphasize that they are prepared by stating "we plan to be here for you—in our stores, through our customer service centers, and via Umpqua Go-To, which enables you to connect with a real human banker from the comfort of your own home".
  • They have also highlighted services that can be easily accessed from home such as online banking, their "dedicated Go-To financial expert" and the ability to check which locations are open online. Persons who don't mind waiting are reminded of other means of contact such as email, chat and phone.
  • Umpqua uses a website banner on their business banking site to inform clients of the availability of Coronavirus/COVID-19 Disaster Relief Lending that is being offered by the Small Business Administration.
  • This is conveniently placed above the contact information for their very own Small Business Relationship Banker, Tim Corrigan, who is described as a problem solver, unbiased in giving advice, able to provide real-time solutions and someone who helps "clients find the success they’ve been looking for".
  • On Twitter, Umpqua warns its clients and consumers to beware of online phishing that raises cybersecurity issues during COVID-19.
  • The company shows its ability to provide useful tips to help both customers and consumers get through any rough periods that might be related to "COVID-19 or other economic disruptions".
  • It has published these insights on its website and has claimed that the company has well-prepared plans that can "keep [their clients' businesses] going when major disruption occurs".
  • Amidst the concerns about COVID-19, Umpqua is still encouraging clients to remain focused on protecting their personal and financial health.
  • It has also shared about this in its blog where it highlighted the company's goal of keeping clients safe with the use of their digital tool, Umpqua Go-To.
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