Research Outline

Sustainable Investing: Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors


To understand the consumer attitudes and behaviors towards sustainable investing for high net worth individuals, with a European and Asian focus.

Early Findings

Sustainable Investing: UK

  • According to a survey conducted by PwC, "the UK public say that they want financial institutions to make a more positive social and environmental impact with the money invested on their behalf." Sixty-eight percent want their investments to contribute "to solutions for societal and environmental challenges."
  • Sixty-eight percent will choose sustainable investing if given the choice. "This rises to 70% for women, 74% for millennials, and 77% for people with over £25,000 in investable assets."
  • "Despite more than half the population saying they are interested in sustainable investing, the reported investment activity and awareness of sustainable investment products is currently low (13%)."
  • About 66% choose sustainable investing due to concern for the planet and environment.
  • Sixty-three percent want fair wages and better working conditions for people around the world.
  • Nearly 62% do not want their investments to cause harm.
  • Sixty-two percent think "that, in the long term, it makes good financial sense to invest in businesses that have responsible environmental and social practices."
  • Evidence that the investment would have a sustainable impact by protecting the planet (63%) or lifting people out of poverty (61%).
  • Evidence that people would still get a similar return (62%).
  • One of the enablers is getting more information about investment (58%).
  • Information: 54% are less likely to invest sustainably because they don’t have enough information.
  • Having enough money to invest: 49% do so because they do not have enough money.
  • Risk and trust concerns: "48% of people said they were less likely to invest sustainably because they think it is too risky, while 44% of people were less likely to do so because they do not trust financial institutions."