Passenger Electrical Vehicles: Charging Costs


To understand the current charging costs for the following TNC vehicle types:
1. Tesla
2. Chevrolet Bolt
3. Nissan Leaf

Early Findings

The Cost of Charging a Tesla Model X

  • The cost of charging a Tesla Model X is dependent on whether one is using the free charging option offered for the model at a Tesla supercharger station or another charging station.
  • It is also dependent on the battery pack size purchased with the car and whether the battery is being charged from flat.
  • Tesla Model X can be bought with battery packs of different capacities ranging from 60 to 100 kilowatt hours (kWh).
  • An owner of a Model X that has a 100 kWh battery pays the national average cost for power across the U.S. ($13.00 per kWh). Using triangulation, it costs ($13 *100 kWh)= $13 for a full charge. Since this car has a range of 295 miles, the cost per mile is $13/295 miles= $4.41 per mile driven.

Summary of Early Findings

  • Our first hour of research was spent scanning for information surrounding charging costs per vehicle for TNC electric vehicles in the U.S. We determined that information specific to these vehicles is not available and are suggesting further research that determines the charging costs for passenger electric vehicles (Nissan Leaf, Tesla, and Chevrolet Bolt since this is available. We included information about the charging cost of Tesla Model X using triangulation.
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