A World Without IBM


To obtain statistics/data to show what the impact would be, on multiple areas (economic, corporate computers, inventions, etc.), if we had a world without IBM.

Early Findings

Besides the data contained in the attached document, the following statistics reveal how the world would be without IBM:
  • In a world without IBM, 80% of global retailers — who are powered by retail solutions from IBM — would be less efficient.
  • Also, 90% of credit card transactions globally — which are processed by IBM — would be lost or incomplete.
  • 80% of the travel reservations made worldwide are processed on IBM systems. A world without IBM would have a humongous effect on the global travel industry.
  • 83% of the biggest communications service providers globally were IBM clients. Without IBM, these companies would have to source for alternatives that may be less efficient.
  • A remarkable 97% of the largest banks worldwide are running their systems with IBM products.
  • With employees in 170 countries, a world without IBM would have a devastating effect on national and regional economies.
  • Without IBM, over 3000 researchers who work in 12 labs globally would lose their jobs. Besides the economic implication of this job loss, there would be significantly less innovation in the world.

Research proposal:

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