Grocery & Fuel Sectors Loyalty Program


To perform a competitive analysis of loyalty programs within the fuel and grocery sector by gathering information on a selection of companies in both sectors. The information to gether includes company overview, brand overview, and details about their loyalty programs.

Early Findings

Fuel Sector

1) Quick Trip - QT Rewards

a) Company overview
b) Brand Overview
  • Quick Trip is known as a good value for money proposition for fuel.
  • It is also known for its good quality of gasoline and food.
  • Quick Trip stations and stores are open 24/7.
c) Loyalty Program
  • Quick Trip Loyalty program has been rated as one of the best in the fuel category.
  • Points are worth 1 cent off per galon, and rewards points are earned for $2 of spending on qualifying products or for buying 2 gallons.

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