U.S. Ad Agencies


To understand current trends surrounding creative/digital/marketing/product agencies in the United States. Specifically to answer the following questions:
  • What are people looking for in a full-service agency?
  • What are the overall agency trends? (e.g. capabilities, how they sell themselves to clients and to potential employees)
  • Are there trends you are seeing in the way that agencies market themselves?
  • Where are agencies investing? In technology? Strategy? Design?
  • What kinds of technology platforms are agencies offering their clients?
  • Are there working processes within agencies that are trending? (like agile, for example, or design thinking, etc.)

Early Findings

  • Accoridng to survey results from Domus and Harris Interactive, the following attributes are seen as the most important among agency clients: the agency understands the client's objectives, the agency is also aligned with the client's objectives, the agency is always actively thinking about the client's needs and the agency proactively delivers new ideas that help the client's business grow.
  • A recent survey of digital agencies found that they are using the following marketing channels the most: client referrals (50.8%), upselling from other types of products/services (26.2%), and content/digital marketing (11.1%). Only 4.8% said they are using trade shows as a marketing channel, and only 7% said they are using some other type of channel not mentioned here.
  • According to a recent survey of digital agencies, the majority of agencies surveyed said they are currently managing the following advertising platforms on behalf of their clients: AdWords, Bing, and Facebook.

Research proposal:

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