Research Proposal

Operating Drones in Maryland


To obtain information about the public's perception of the use of drones in Maryland, and the concerns about its use near their properties.

Early Findings

Public Perception

  • Drones are considered useful in the agricultural area especially for monitoring both crop and livestock.
  • The Cecil County Sheriff's Office is pleased with the use of drones to carry out law enforcement activities. They have used it to successfully locate stolen construction equipment based on a tip they received.
  • It is being used to alleviate the frustrations of patients who are waiting for organs in order to have transplants done with the help of a team at University of Maryland that designed the drone. Patients and doctors can now have more confidence in having more timely organ transplants with the help of the "Uber for organs".


  • There might be concerns of police abusing their powers with the use drones to spy on members of the public. However, police are required to follow strict guidelines in using the device to avoid disciplinary actions being taken against them.
  • A study entitled 'Comment: Maryland State Drone Law Puts Residents at Risk of Privacy Intrusions from Drone Surveillance by Law Enforcement Agencies', found that citizens are concerned about "the lack of comprehensive drone regulation" which they believe will infringe on their privacy.
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